Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Why You Need Backlinks to Your Site


Backlinks pointing to your website are absolutely crucial if you goal is to attain a high page rank, and attract the most targeted, organic search engine traffic. In fact the off-page search engine optimization factors, which include inbound links, accounts for the greatest portion of your site’s page ranking. The number of links pointing to your website gives the search engines clues about how popular, important and relevant your site is compared to other sites competing for similar keywords.

Since not all links are given equal weight in the eyes of the search engines, website owners must take several factors into consideration when it comes to getting backlinks from other websites such as:

•Link popularity
This is a measure of how many sites are linking to a website. There are many free tools available online that will allow you to check a site’s link popularity.

•Age of the website
The age of a domain name, and the length of time that site has been hosted on the
web can have some bearing on that website’s ranking. Older sites may appear to be
more relevant because they have been around longer.

•Topic compatibility
You want sites to link to you whose topic is compatible and relevant to yours. Even if
the site has a high page rank, and it has been around for awhile, if the keywords are
not relevant to your site’s content it won’t add as much value as a link from a
keyword relevant site would.

There are many factors that go into establishing a website’s authority within its
industry or topic. Links pass authority and page rank, so try to get backlinks from
sites that have high authority in your niche.

Similar to authority, a site’s reputation in its niche is a factor to consider when
looking for link partners.

There are many other factors to consider, and, to tell the truth, all of this is sheer speculation since the actual algorithms that Google uses to rank websites is proprietary information that they keep top secret. SEO specialists can only gather clues about what works to improve their search engine rankings.

By far the best kind of backlinks are the ones you don’t have to ask for, but the ones you attract simply by providing excellent, relevant and valuable content. Having quality content on your site will naturally attract visitors, and the ones who find your content useful will link to it and share it among their networks. Keep up with your keyword research and constantly optimize your website for the actual keywords that your target audience is using to find your content.

Having a high number of quality, relevant backlinks or inbound links to your website shows the search engines how popular, relevant and important your website is. Website owners should set aside time each day to build back links and over time they will see their website’s analytics measurably improve.

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