Saturday, February 24th, 2018

What is the Fastest Way to Generate Links to Your Website?


If you’re a website owner you know that more links equals more traffic, which equals more money, so you’re always looking for the fastest way to generate links to your website, right? Well, you have indeed come to the right place because in this article we’re going to take a look at several ways to generate links to your site that will send you a nice flow of traffic while also boosting your search engine rankings.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can generate some links to your website:

* Create link worthy content

OK, duh, that’s pretty obvious, but it’s true. People link to stuff they like, find useful and that adds value to their lives in some way. Create hot, compelling content and you will get links.

* Create list posts/articles about:

Top 10 most common mistakes ________

Top 10 reasons you should try_______, or avoid __________

Top 10 tips for creating __________

* Blog consistently so that you train the search engine bots to visit your blog on a regular basis

-Tag your posts

-Link to other blogs

-Get listed in blog directories

* Take on a few guest blogging gigs on higher ranking, more popular blogs. This will give you some exposure to a new audience, a nice traffic spike and some links to your blog.

* Blog commenting. This can be time consuming, but it’s an excellent way to get targeted links to your site.

* Viral video

* Submit a press release on a timely, newsworthy topic

* Social media marketing:,, LinkedIn,, etc.

* Social Bookmarking sites:, blinklist, stumbleupon,

* Write & publish reviews

Ok, so now are you ready for a super fast way to generate some links to your website? Here goes. Visit a website called Google Trends: There you will find lists of the hot topics and the hot searches of the day. Pick a topic from the list and write a blog post about it, create and publish a video using that keyword, and then re-write the blog post into an article and submit it to several article directories. Next gather the RSS feed from your blog post, the video and the article and combine them into a custom RSS feed. Submit that feed to several of the top RSS aggregators and directories.

Going back to your blog post, be sure to Tweet about it, share it on Facebook and ask your friends to share it as well. Share it on all of you social media profiles in a snap using a handy service such as or

Basically, the best way to generate links fast is to generate some positive buzz or controversy about a specific topic. This will attract lots of attention and links to your content. Make sure that you have in place a way to capture your visitor’s name and email address so that you can make the most of your five minutes of fame.  But if you keep creating lots of quality, relevant content people will keep coming back for more.

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