Saturday, February 24th, 2018

What is the Most Effective Automated Option for Building Backlinks to Your Website?


Website owners know that building backlinks to their website is one the most important tasks because the greater the number of inbound links the more important and valuable your site looks in the eyes of the search engines, and the better page rank it’s likely to achieve.

But the task of building links to your website can be labor intensive and time consuming. And while, in the end getting links help make your site better, the actual task is pretty boring and mindless. Website owners cannot afford to neglect this task because links equals traffic and traffic equals money. So, the question of what is the most effective way to automate link building for your website is an important one, and then answer is the topic of this article.

Let’s take a look at the most traditional ways of building backlinks.

Article marketing
This is a tried and true method of building high quality, targeted backlinks, but it takes a large number of articles submitted to a lot of article directories before you start to see a nice flow of traffic.

Video marketing

Similar to article marketing in that it takes a bit of effort to create the videos, and publish them to the various directories before you start seeing the traffic flow. But once it does start flowing video is an excellent source of traffic. It’s just not an effective way to build automated traffic unless some of your videos go viral and take on a life of their own being shared by more and more people and sending traffic to your website.

Blog Commenting
This is another way to get some targeted traffic to your blog, and it’s also a great way to gain some exposure in your niche. If you target high page rank, authority blogs in your niche and consistently leave comments there you will begin to establish a relationship with the blogger and their community. This is an effective way to build back links to your blog, but you’ve got to be willing to invest the time and energy to create real relationships.

Social bookmarking
Using services such as, or allows you to easily submit your URLs to social bookmarking sites such as dig, reddit,, stumbleupon and This is a great way to generate some backlinks for your website.

All of these methods ob building backlinks work very well but most of them take a considerable amount of time and effort in order for them to produce the links that you want. The most effective option for building automated backlinks to your website is subscribing to a backlink building service or purchasing a software solution. As a business owner you do not realistically have to time to do all of those backlink building activities every single day.

When you are researching backlink building services you will find that there are several models of services available. You can purchase a single batch of links that are delivered over a period of time so that it appears to be natural, you can subscribe to a monthly service where you get a set number of new backlinks each month.

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